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legacy lives on

Did you know that the Company was started back in 1974 by George Heywood? The story begins like this…

Mr. Heywood partnered with Mr. Johnson, and let’s just say, Mr. Johnson did not seem interested in sharing the business with its co-founder, Mr. Heywood. One year after this partnership started, Mr. Johnson demonstrated his belief in the spirit of partnership by trying to “fire” his fellow co-founder and partner, Mr. Heywood. A battle began over the Company that would continue for about one year. The fight for the Company came with many sacrifices for the Heywood family.

One day upon leaving the courthouse, Mr. Heywood told his wife, Mrs. Heywood, that he wasn’t feeling well and asked her to take him to the emergency room. Mr. Heywood was placed into intensive care. Later that week, things looked promising and the doctors moved Mr. Heywood out of intensive care. On Thursday it looked as if he would be coming home on Saturday. On Friday, his wife came to the hospital and joyfully reported to Mr. Heywood that they had won 50% ownership of Hennepin Home!

On Friday evening, Mrs. Heywood left the hospital with feelings of relief and hope for a restful night. At approximately 2:00 am, she received a call from the hospital. “Mrs. Heywood?” the caller asked, “We just found your husband dead in bed.” With utter disbelief, she asked the caller to repeat themselves. She felt as though she were in a nightmare. Mr. Heywood, 48, had died suddenly of an aneurysm to the heart, leaving Mrs. Heywood alone with 5 small children, the youngest being myself, age 3. Taking one year off to be with her children after her husband’s death, Mrs. Heywood had to make a decision, stand up and fight for the company or give up. Knowing she couldn’t give up on her husband’s dream, Mrs. Heywood decided to go in and run her husband’s half of the Company.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Heywood’s partner also died, leaving his wife and my mother to run the Company. Eventually, my mother bought her out, leaving my mother as the sole owner. Many years of dedication, hard work and persistence lead her to a successful business. She spent many days working in the office, going out into the field and then coming home to put a full meal on the table. I’m now following in my parent’s footsteps. From my father to my mother to me, the philosophy has stayed the same: treat people with respect, take care of your employees and let them know that they matter. Through this philosophy, clients will be well cared for. Caring about people and not looking only at the bottom line has enriched the lives of clients, employees and added to the legacy of the Company. After over 40 years of history, that philosophy says it all.

I have had the honor of working with my mother for many years. And, now with my husband, Mark, we will continue my parent’s legacy and philosophy by influencing and impacting lives in a positive way. We together have grown and impacted thousands of people’s lives.

Mark and Amelia Mata

Our Mission

As one of the community’s first home care agencies, we are family oriented and devoted to focusing on the client with understanding and compassion.

We believe that with a positive attitude we can maintain our clients’ integrity, independence, and choice by providing reliable service that will exceed expectations.


HHHC provides services to a wide variety of clients, many of which include but are not limited to:


The Elderly

Mental health patients

Various Illnesses

such as heart conditions, cancer, and neuromuscular disorders


We believe that with a positive attitude we can maintain our clients’ integrity, independence, and choice by providing reliable service that will exceed expectations.

"I really like how they will explain things to me, they are polite and I get along with them."
Client since 2009
"We wouldn't be able to stay in our home without the help provided by HHHC. We're very blessed to have such wonderful, caring, and supportive nurses and PCA's."
The Erickson’s
Client since 2013
"After having been with HHHC for a number of years, I have had experience with a variety of nurses and therapists...The nurses and therapists give me an ear to listen, give me the courage to go on with life when times are tough, and I look forward to their visits. It is wonderful to know that someone cares and when they are done with their visit I feel a lot better. I thank God for people like them. “
Client since 2010
"I think my nurse is excellent, very cheerful, concerned, helpful, polite, and happy. I get very good service."
Client since 2012


Simply call us at 763-425-5959 and ask for our Intake department. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, as well as being able to let you know what will be covered by your insurance company, program, or payer.