Individual Home Supports (IHS)

IHS service is for individuals that are on the CADI waiver. The service is authorized by the case manager and would be referred to HHHC by this person.

Our staff are caring and compassionate individuals that believe in supporting you in your home and community. The IHS worker can take you out in the community for important appointments or out for leisure. They can also help you in your home to keep you organized and on task.

IHS staff have experience with individuals with mental health concerns and/or they have gone to college and have a 4-year college degree. 

All of our IHS specialists are given monthly training by our licensed clinical supervisor and are properly vetted and criminal background checked through the State of MN prior to working.

IHS (Individual Home Supports) Provides:

HHHC provides services to a wide variety of clientele’, many of which include but are not limited to:

  • Nutritional Management: support in planning, preparing meals; preparing and use of grocery store and list
  • Household Management: support in paying monthly bills and maintaining checkbook; sorting of mail; and support with overall concerns within the home
  • Purposeful Activity: plan and schedule of social activities; finding community resources to participate in
  • Community Orientation and Mobility: support in accessing banks, cash machines, dentist, doctors, post office, stores; support in setting up transportation (including providing transportation by ILS)
  • Time Management: support in maintaining a calendar and schedule
  • Safety and Self Defense: educate on the use of 911 and what to do in case of an emergency
  • Service Provider Management: support communication and conflict resolution with service providers such as the PCA or homemaker
  • Personal and Health Care Maintenance: support in maintaining good personal hygiene skills and routines; support to/from doctor’s; support in advocating at the doctor
  • Interpersonal Relationships and Communication: support in managing anger and learning to be assertive; conflict resolution skills with various relationships
  • Civic Awareness/Public Assistance/Legal Rights: support to understand and utilize the voting process; support with navigating the public assistance program; support in finding resources regarding legal rights, laws and public programs
  • Problem Solving: support in identifying barriers/problems on a regular basis; provide resources in assisting to problem resolution